The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

There are many ways to remove unwanted body hair at home or in the salon, but most, if not all of them, have their drawbacks. Shaved hair grows back in a few days. Depilatory creams don’t have the most appealing scent, and they don’t work on all areas. Meanwhile, waxing is painful – and temporary.

What, then, can you do if you want a method to remove unwanted hair over the long term? One popular hair removal method recommended by dermatologists is laser hair removal. In this process, a dermatologist uses a laser to repeatedly damage the hair follicle. As the melanin, or color pigment, in the hair continues to be targeted far down into the root, the hair itself will grow more and more finely, until, after multiple appointments, it won’t grow in at all.

Intrigued by this alternative to shaving, creams, and waxing? Read on for four more benefits of laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Is Standardized

Laser hair removal tends to work similarly on each client, so the procedure is straightforward, with dependable results. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, most people can expect to see a 10% to 25% reduction in body hair after just the first treatment. Afterwards, most clients receive two to six more treatments before the hair is removed entirely. After the treatment is finished, patients do not see any hair return for many months or even years.

The Treatment Can Remove Hair from Any Part of Your Body

Unlike shaving, waxes, and creams, laser hair removal is approved for every part of the body, including stomach, underarms and even the face. For those wanting hair removed from areas other than their legs or arms, this is the perfect solution.

Laser Hair Removal Is Speedy

Laser hair removal can be completed quickly. The laser can treat an area on your body that is the size of a quarter for every second. In other words, if you want your upper lip treated, you could be finished with the procedure in a 20-minute session.

Few Safety Risks or Side Effects

A few clients experience minor post-removal issues like swelling, redness or itchiness, while a very small number experience blistering or infection. However, the majority of laser hair removal clients have no post-treatment side effects at all.

One of the drawbacks to laser hair removal is that the procedure can cause scarring if performed by an untrained technician. So those interested in laser hair removal should make sure to receive the treatment at a dermatologist’s office, where side effects can be minimized and you can achieve the absolute best results.

At Georgia Dermatology Partners, we have multiple lasers to meet your hair removal needs. Depending on your complexion and skin type, we will choose the most suitable laser for your procedure. If  you would like to set up an appointment or consultation, contact the experts at Georgia Dermatology Partners today.

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