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What is Hair Restoration Injection for Hair Loss?

For many people, hair is thought of as their “crown”. Given the association of hair with beauty and attractiveness, the loss of hair can be quite devastating. Finally, there is an effective, non-invasive procedure to help restore hair fullness. Hair Restoration Injection is a procedure in which growth factors from one’s own blood are used to stimulate hair regrowth and increased thickness. This process reverses miniaturization of the hair follicle and drives hair back into the growth phase. The result is less shedding and the growth of larger and healthier hair shafts.

candidates for Hair Restoration Injections

The most common type of hair loss treated by Hair Restoration Injection is androgenetic alopecia, also known as male or female pattern baldness. In men, this may present as the recession of the hairline, and in women as a widened part at the top of the scalp. The cause of hair loss is thought to be a combination of hormonal and genetic factors. It is important to have a consultation with a physician for proper diagnosis and treatment because there are many different types of hair loss, some even caused by medical conditions.

The Hair Restoration Procedure

Hair Restoration Injection treatment involves a quick injection to draw the blood. Next, the blood is processed to collect a maximum number of platelets. Lastly, a small needle is used to inject the platelets into the scalp in areas that require improvement.

Hair Restoration Injection Treatment


How many treatments are required?

Typically to see results, a series of 4 treatments, at one-month intervals, is recommended. After the series, maintenance injections are suggested twice per year. Because individual results can vary, a regimen will be specifically tailored for each patient.

Are there any limitations to the procedure?

There is no downtime or long recovery after Hair Restoration Injection.

What makes Georgia Dermatology Partners a leader in Hair Restoration Injection treatment?Hair loss treatment in Snellville GA

Dr. Mercer is highly skilled and has been involved in hair loss research. She thoroughly evaluates each patient and personally performs the injections. She may also recommend additional medical therapies as part of your regimen. It is this individualized attention in diagnosis and treatment by a trained dermatologist that sets Georgia Dermatology Partners apart from other facilities.

Is the Hair Restoration procedure painful?

Discomfort has been reported as minimal with this procedure. If necessary, anesthetic solutions may be used to reduce pain.

How much does the procedure cost?

Medical evaluation for hair loss is typically covered by insurance. Hair Restoration Injection, however, is considered a cosmetic procedure. Much less expensive than other hair restoration procedures, it is an affordable approach to hair regrowth.

Hair Restoration Before and After Photos

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Hair Restoration Injection treatment for hair loss in loganville GA
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