May Specials 2023

May 2023

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Neck Rejuvenation with Dr. Rechelle Tull

Braselton Office Event

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Do wrinkles, and fine lines bother you? Radiesse is a collagen-stimulating filler that not only lifts the skin and replaces lost volume but also improves skin texture and elasticity.

Join Dr. Rechelle Tull Friday, May 12th in our Braselton office for the Neck Rejuvenation event.

Please speak with our cosmetic consultant to schedule your appointment.

Patients must pay a deposit to book.
770-972-4845 ext 330

Spring into savings with
our BOGO 1/2 Off special

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Buy one syringe of Dermal Filler
and get one 1/2 off.

Dermal fillers can erase fine lines and wrinkles on the face.
With dermal fillers, you won’t have to take any time off of work, away from your family, or inside recovering— giving you more time to enjoy your results and do all the things that you love.

Speak to a cosmetic consultant to schedule your appointment. All patients must pay a deposit to book.

Melanoma Awareness Month

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What is Melanoma?
Melanoma the deadliest form of skin cancer is also the rarest. But, unlike basal and squamous cell cancers, melanomas are far more likely to grow and spread if left untreated. When melanomas grow downward, they can begin to deposit cancerous cells into the bloodstream, which can then spread cancer anywhere in the body.

Melanoma occurs when the pigment-producing cells that give color to the skin become cancerous.
Symptoms might include a new, unusual growth or a change in an existing mole.

What causes Melanoma?
Sun exposure is the most preventable risk factor for all skin cancers, including Melanoma. Research shows that heredity also plays a role and increases the risk of a person getting Melanoma.

How to reduce your risk of Melanoma
Wear protective clothing, use caution when near water, snow, and sand, and avoid tanning beds. You should also apply a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen

Click the link below to schedule your annual skin cancer screening.

20% off skincare products when you schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation

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We offer complimentary skincare consultations to help you understand your skin and explore your options. Our consultants will provide a personalized consultation to discuss your concerns and goals and explain what can be done to improve your appearance. By leveraging the latest medical technology, skincare products, and an artful eye, our consultants will work with you to create a personal treatment plan that will give you healthy skin and a naturally refreshed look.

Offer valid until 5/31/23

Unhappy with your chin, jawline, or profile?

Join Dr. Alia Brown and ABC Research's
chin augmentation clinical research study
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Are you a male or female with skin of color and unhappy with your chin, jawline or profile? If so, you may qualify for a research study involving an investigational product for chin augmentation.

You must be a male or female over the age of 22.

If you qualify, you may be compensated for your parking and travel.

Please contact: Stephen Morse [email protected]


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