How a Hydrafacial can improve the skin’s appearance and feel!

At Georgia Dermatology Partners, our professionals work routinely with patients to help them choose the procedures best for them. When patients are considering an all-around effective solution to a wide range of problems, they may want to ask their doctor about the Hydrafacial. This treatment combines many different services in one, including extraction, exfoliation, deep […]

The New Brookhaven Office Is Now Open!

Last year, we expanded our practice into the City of Brookhaven. At our fourth location, we were pleased to offer the same services and care that our patients received in our existing offices in Snellville, Loganville and Braselton. We are excited to announce that we have completed our new office space in Brookhaven. Our providers will begin […]

Address body contours with Coolsculpting

While most patients will improve their appearance with traditional methods such as diet and exercise, there are specific areas of the body where fat tends to accumulate and make it difficult to achieve the changes patients wish to see. For many adult men and women, the leading trouble spot is the abdominal area where excess […]

How to Keep Away MASKNE

As the COVID-19 numbers continue to increase across the United States, many people have opted to wear a facial mask. While these masks help to prevent the spread of the virus, underneath your mask is the breeding ground for acne.  Maskne, known to the medical community as acne mechanica, occurs when fabric rubs against the […]

Enjoy facial rejuvenation services with the team at Georgia Dermatology Partners with these eight treatment options

Many patients who have dull or tired skin complexions or specific issues such as ages spots or fine lines are often seeking services that can provide rejuvenation of the skin. Maybe they prefer a more youthful appearance or want to even out their skin tone and complexion. With facial rejuvenation services at Georgia Dermatology Partners, […]

Are You Experiencing Hair Loss?

Is your hair gradually thinning at the crown? There are many reasons that people lose their hair. One of the main reasons for hair loss in men is male androgenetic alopecia (MAA), also known as male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness affects 30-50% of men by the age of 50. Male pattern baldness usually starts […]

Understanding seborrhea diagnosis and treatment

If you are dealing with facial redness and scaling, you may be unsure as to what to do. Dryness that occurs during the winter months is normal for patients who do not take the proper steps to ensure their skin is moisturized and hydrated as needed. However, this may also be a sign of a […]

Understanding melasma

Patients who are dealing with unusual pigmentation issues on the face may be unsure as to what is happening with their skin. In some patients, changes in sun exposure, heat, and hormones can trigger a pigmentation issue known as melasma. Melasma is discoloration that can cause an excessive production of pigmentation in the skin known […]

What We Are Doing to Keep You Safe

Georgia Dermatology Partners has reopened the Snellville, Braselton, Loganville, and Brookhaven offices that were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been closely following data regarding COVID-19, including information provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Federal Government COVID-19 Task Force, State Officials, American Academy of Dermatology, and the American Medical Association. […]

What are the benefits of Coolsculpting treatment?

Nothing causes more frustration for adult men and women looking to lose a few pounds than eating right and exercising with little to no results. Certain areas of the body, such as the thighs and abdomen, may be more resistant to fat loss than others. Because of this, they are often the most common areas […]

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