What To Do About Psoriasis?

psoriasis Psoriasis, commonly affecting the joints, such as knees and elbows, as well as the trunk and scalp, is a skin disease that results in a rash with scaly patches that itch. There are a variety of psoriasis types that affect other areas of the body as well. To date, psoriasis has no cure and can be both painful and cause life disruptions by interfering with sleep and your ability to focus. Psoriasis is not a condition that stays consistent but goes through cycles with flare-ups and periods of relative inactivity. If you live with psoriasis, you know just how difficult of a disease it can be. Thankfully there are strategies to help cope, manage symptoms, and even alleviate them.

What Can I Do About My Psoriasis?

Though incurable, there are still methods to either alleviate flare-ups or manage them all together.

Know Your Triggers

Those with a predisposition to psoriasis may not exhibit any aspect of the condition for years until it is triggered by an external factor. Common environmental triggers are infections, weather, especially dry and cold conditions, injuries or trauma to the skin, smoking, and heavy alcohol consumption. Even when these triggers cause the initial exhibiting of psoriasis, they can still exacerbate your current condition. Knowing these triggers and noting your responses can help mitigate a fluctuation or flare-up.


At Georgia Dermatology Partners, we’re proud to offer you relief from psoriasis through XTRAC laser treatment. In fewer than 10 treatments, with each lasting 10-15 minutes, psoriasis patients can expect up to 90% reduction or clearing of their plaques. With no medical risks associated with XTRAC, the fact that results are both rapidly visible and last for months is incredible. This coupled with no downtime and a painless procedure makes XTRAC laser treatment a definite area for exploration if your psoriasis hasn’t responded to medication.

Want to Get Your Psoriasis on Track With XTRAC? 

With four locations across Georgia, at Georgia Dermatology Partners, we’ve made it a mission to be able to serve you and your dermatological needs. If psoriasis has been bothering you and disrupting your life, call us now at 770-972-4845. We’ve helped others, and we’d be honored to help you.

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