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Stop Halloween Face Paint Break Outs

Acne Treatment Snellville, GA What’s scarier than dressing up on Halloween and covering your entire face with face paint? Waking up the next day with a face covered with acne. To ensure that you don’t break out after Halloween is over, this article will list a few tips that you can use to prevent breakouts.

Look At Your Face Paint

If you are going to use a thick, oil-based face paint then you may as well be inviting your zits over for a dinner party the next night. Oil-based face paint will clog your pores and lead to more and more breakouts later on. When you’re looking for face paint, steer clear of costume makeup altogether. Instead, try looking at cosmetic makeup that comes in a variety of different hues and colors; that way you can create a similar look without all of the oil.

Don’t Share Sponges and Brushes

It may seem like a good idea to get together with all of your friends and do your Halloween makeup together, but make sure that you aren’t sharing brushes and sponges. Sharing these types of makeup tools can cause germs and bacteria to spread from one person to another and may lead to an acne breakout.

Remove It At the End of the Night

Another suggestion that we have for our patients? Remove all of your Halloween makeup at the end of the night with a makeup remover and a cleanser. The more of the makeup that you get off of your face before your head hits the pillow, the less likely you are to break out later on down the line.

If you have any questions about other acne-fighting tips to use this Halloween or if you want to learn more about acne treatments that we offer, schedule a consultation with us at our Braselton office today and call us at (770) 972-4845.

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