Effective Earlobe Repair from Earring Damage

ealobe repair

If you’ve thought there was no hope for elongated or torn holes from pierced earrings, there is good news. Thankfully, it is possible to repair damaged earlobes, even if the damage is extensive and/or it occurred years ago. Earlobe repair surgery performed by an experienced, professional dermatologist can eliminate discomfort as well as any signs of damage. Your earlobes can then be pierced again when your doctor considers it appropriate to do so.

There are several reasons why you might require earlobe repair. Wearing heavy earrings over many months or years can leave earlobes elongated or even torn. The habit of tugging on long earrings can cause extensive damage, especially if you have thin earlobes. You may also experience problems if an ear piercing is too close to the bottom of the lobe.

What to Expect from Earlobe Repair

Your dermatologist will examine your earlobes carefully to determine what type of surgery is required. Split earlobes will require more extensive surgery and a longer recovery time than damage that has not reached the bottom of the lobe. Surgery typically lasts for about an hour, and a local anesthesia is used for the procedure.

If the damage is limited, your surgeon may put in studs right after the procedure is completed. In most cases, you will need to wear the studs for about two months. In other instances, the surgeon may put in a stitch or spacer as a placeholder so you can wear earrings at a later date without the need to pierce your ears again. In this case, you will typically need to wait about six weeks before wearing light-weight earrings.

Caring for Your Earlobes to Prevent Damage

It is far easier to care for your earlobes properly than it is to repair earlobe damage. Avoid wearing heavy earrings, as they put a strain on your earlobes and can eventually cause serious damage. Using patches that adhere to the back of the earlobes adds support so the piercings don’t become enlarged. Look for earlobe patches at your local pharmacy.

Earlobe damage is not only uncomfortable but can also affect your self-esteem. A trusted dermatologist can help you eliminate the problem and provide the advice you need to avoid future damage. Contact Georgia Dermatology Partners today to learn more about your options. Earlobe repair is a simple procedure and with available financing, there’s no need to wait.

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