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Earlobe repair |Georgia Dermatology Partners Whether you have a torn earlobe or a genetic defect in the shape and appearance of the ear, our dermatologists at Georgia Dermatology Partners can help you with earlobe repair surgery. Patients can visit our office for an evaluation and determine if earlobe repair can help them in achieving a more aesthetic appearance to their ear, improving the look and their personal self-confidence all at once!

When might patients consider earlobe repair?

There are several reasons why an adult patient might speak to our team about earlobe repair. Perhaps they were born with a defect in the appearance of the ear that they would like to address, or maybe they have experienced a tear from a pulled earring or other injuries. Maybe they’d like to repair a drooping earlobe after having gauges in their ear, which has resulted in unwanted stretching and sagging. Regardless, our team may be able to help. During an initial evaluation with a patient, we can determine the problem at hand and make recommendations regarding the best possible options for treatment. We work closely with patients to help them achieve their goals while providing natural-looking repair and reducing overall scarring and the risk of infection.

What to expect

Earlobe repair surgeries are rather straightforward. Most are done with local anesthetics instead of general anesthesia and can be done quickly and easily in our office. The procedure may require the removal of excess skin and sutures to bring the torn or cut areas together. Post-surgery, most patients will benefit from over-the-counter pain medications for comfort, as pain levels typically do not require prescription-strength pain medication. Patients are given post-operative instructions to follow closely to reduce the risk of infection, minimize scarring, and ensure desired results.

Request an appointment with Georgia Dermatology Partners

If you have experienced a tear or imperfection with your ear that you would like repaired by a surgical dermatologist, we invite you to request a consultation with one of our providers and physicians to learn more about what can be done. Call (770) 972-4845 to schedule an appointment at any one of our four convenient locations in the area of Georgia, and take the time to learn about this and other cosmetic services available in our state-of-the-art facility.

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