Could Your Acne Be Rosacea?

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If you’ve noticed that your face is breaking out in bumps, you may immediately think you’re dealing with acne. However, that’s not always the case. Read on to learn about a lesser-known skin condition called rosacea.

What Is Rosacea?

It is a skin condition that can cause redness, irritation and bumps on your face. Often, it is mistaken for acne. The condition can occur in anyone at any age. There is no actual cure, but thankfully, a professional can diagnose and treat rosacea effectively. Your doctor can also help you mitigate the risk factors that can trigger rosacea.

What Causes the Condition?

The Mayo Clinic hypothesizes that the condition is caused by a number of environmental and hereditary factors, but the exact cause can be tough to pin down. It occurs more frequently in women. Fair-skinned, middle-aged women are at the highest risk.

Factors known to trigger or exacerbate the condition include certain cosmetics and drugs, hot drinks, spicy food, alcohol, temperature extremes, sunlight or wind, emotions and exercise.

How Can I Tell if I Have It?

These symptoms help distinguish rosacea from acne and normal facial blush. The first is facial redness, usually centered around the middle of the face and on the nose. Blood vessels might become visible. Red bumps may also appear that can feel like pimples, hot and tender to the touch. Some people also experience eye problems: dryness, irritation and swelling, most often on the eyelids.

When Should I See a Doctor?

If you have redness of the face and aren’t certain of the cause, visit a professional for diagnosis and treatment. Your dermatologist can offer comprehensive information about your condition. The dermatologist can also offer treatment options, help you find skin care products that will not irritate your skin and talk through important skin protection strategies. Talk to a dermatologist like those at Georgia Dermatology Partners.

How Can I Manage the Condition?

The best way to manage rosacea is to see a professional. But it can be helpful to discover some of your specific triggers, which can include cold wind blowing on your face, spicy food or intense sun exposure. Sun protection for the face is essential for anyone, but particularly people with rosacea as well as those with lighter skin.

Finally, make sure your skin care products aren’t aggravating your condition. Your dermatologist can help recommend mild skin treatments that are best for you.

At Georgia Dermatology Partners, the expert team has experience in dealing with a variety of skin conditions. Contact them today to schedule an appointment or learn more about treatment options and pricing.

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