Georgia Dermatology Partners offers in-house dermatopathology

Cropped shot of an attractive young female scientist examining a medical sample inside of a vile while working in her laboratory Areas of concern that might indicate skin cancer often require a dermatologist to remove a sample for evaluation. This is known as a biopsy, during which a portion of the skin is removed and sent to a dermatopathologist to see if cancerous cells exist. This is how a skin cancer diagnosis is made, and is an important step in the process. However, we know how anxiety-ridden the wait is for those who are awaiting their biopsy test results. At Georgia Dermatology Partners, we offer an in-house laboratory for the processing and interpretation of biopsy specimens thanks to our board-certified dermatopathologist, Dr. Jessica J. Mercer. 

What does a dermatopathologist do? 

A dermatopathologist takes in samples from patients and evaluates them. While the diagnosis of skin cancer is the most well-known goal of a dermatopathologist, it is not the only goal. There are approximately 1500 different types of tumors, rashes, and cancers that can be diagnosed by a dermatopathologist, making their job complex and challenging. When a biopsy is performed, our dermatopathologist can not only diagnose the condition but may also be able to find the cause of the problem, offering the dermatologist information necessary to provide the best possible treatment for the individual. This specialty requires extensive training and experience to perform. 

Who is available for dermatopathology? 

At Georgia Dermatology Partners, we offer an in-house, board-certified dermatopathologist by the name of Dr. Jessica J. Mercer. She has years of experience and training in evaluation and interpreting biopsy samples from our dermatological team. By offering full-service dermatopathology in our laboratory, patients who visit Georgia Dermatology Partners can get faster results and information regarding their condition than visiting any other practice in the community that has to send out samples to an outside lab. The faster the results, the faster treatment can begin. 

Speak with our team of providers today! 

Call (770) 972-4845 to request an appointment with our providers at any one of our four convenient office locations throughout the Georgia area. At Georgia Dermatology Partners, we are here for both new and established patients, providing a wide range of dermatological services for men, women, and children.

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