Skin Tags: What Are They, and How Do Dermatologists Remove Them?

Have you ever noticed small flaps of tissue on your body and wondered what they were? They are probably skin tags, which are fairly common occurrences on adult skin. Simply put, these flaps are benign growths of skin that are often attached to your body by stalks. Here is more information about this common skin condition.

Are Skin Tags Harmful?

Fortunately, these small flaps you see on your skin are harmless. However, many people find them annoying, especially if the growth is visible to others or located on a sensitive area of the body. Some people also find they rub uncomfortably on clothing and snag on necklaces or other jewelry.

Common Locations on the Body

A skin tag can show up anywhere on your body. However, there are a few areas where they seem to occur most frequently. These areas include the neck, armpits, groin and eyelids. Dermatologists who have studied them have noted that they tend to appear in areas that feature rolls of skin. Although almost everyone will develop one of these growths at some point in their lives, it isn’t unheard of for a person to have over one hundred of them.

What Causes Them?

No one quite knows what causes skin tags to occur. However, they have been linked to obesity and weight gain. Seniors and people with diabetes also seem more prone to developing this cosmetic problem of the skin. Interestingly enough, wearing tight clothing can also lead to these growths, as this increases friction on the skin. Genetic factors have also been studied as a contributing factor.

Getting Rid of Skin Tags

Your dermatologist can help you get rid of these growths if they are interfering with your ability to feel good in your skin. Talk with your doctor about the right treatment for you. That might mean removal by cutting or tying them off (ligation), freezing them with liquid nitrogen or cauterizing tags with an electric current.

When performed by an expert, these types of treatments are safe and effective, and your dermatologist will help ensure you are comfortable during any procedure. In the end, you may feel quite relieved to be free from the itching, jewelry snagging and other annoyances that these tiny growths can bring.

To learn more about options for removal of these growths, contact Georgia Dermatology Partners today. We offer the latest treatments to safely remove a variety of growths, such as moles, skin tags and other lesions, with a team of high-quality, board-certified dermatologists with years of experience.

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