Man-up and fight those wrinkles

Cosmetic Dermatology Due mostly to genetics (and amount of unprotected sun exposure), we all age differently. Women often complain that men age “better,” and are still considered quite attractive with forehead furrows and crow’s feet. But truthfully, not all men are happy with the way they’re aging, either. Not all men age the way George Clooney and Brad Pitt seem to be pulling it off, so they’re looking for a little help.

Good news for men who didnt hit the genetic jackpot

Men might pretend they’re better at coming to terms with how they’re aging, and maybe some are. But there are a lot of guys out there who have decided not to practice acceptance, and they’ve instead realized it’s time to follow their girlfriends’ lead – and the path is taking them straight to the wonder of Botox.

For men, this is a hot new” trend

Every media outlet from the Internet to People Magazine to Men’s Health to the venerable New York Times is reporting that Botox, or more headline-friendly, “Brotox,” has quickly become the anti-aging treatment of choice for looks-conscious males.

Grooms-to-be are definitely part of this growing trend

Used to be, it was the bride who was thought of as the half of the couple who would be going to a lot of trouble to hone her appearance before the wedding. These days, many grooms are opting out of deep laugh lines before they walk down the aisle. Why should they let their crow’s feet ruin the wedding pics that will be posted all over social media? And all over the country, medical and aesthetic practices are offering packages designed to help men look their best for their weddings or other special occasions. The treatment options might include Botox along with mani/pedis, facials, even Kybella, the injection procedure that can get rid of fat underneath the chin.

Are you starting to feel the pressure?

Many men report that cosmetic procedures help them stay more vital in the workplace as well as the dating scene. Call Georgia Dermatology Partners at (770) 972-4845 to schedule your appointment today.

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