Microneedling with PRP

How Is Microneedling with PRP Done?

MicroneedlingThis therapy is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment with quick recovery time and is designed to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production. The treatment
actually involves the use of two procedures, microneedling and PRP (platelet rich plasma) done consecutively. Georgia Dermatology Partners, PC offers microneedling with PRP to patients in Loganville, Braselton, Snellville, Brookhaven, and the surrounding areas.

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How does microneedling work?

The first procedure is called microneedling. A small handheld, automatic device that contains tiny micro-needles is passed over the skin creating tiny micro-wounds, or channels, on the skin. During the body’s natural wound-healing process of these channels, collagen and elastin are automatically produced.

What is the SkinPen?

Microneedling Braselton GA | Loganville GA | Snellville GAThe SkinPen is the first FDA-cleared microneedling device. The SkinPen uses 14 stainless steel medical-grade needles to create hundreds of microscopic channels down through the epidermis. These micro-injuries trigger a wound-healing response in the body, where healthy new skin cells and collagen are produced.
What are the benefits of the SkinPen over other microneedling devices?

  • SkinPen has clinical testing to prove its effectiveness for reducing acne scars and improving skin texture and quality.
  • SkinPen was the first FDA-cleared microneedling device and has consistently set the industry standard.
  • The microneedle penetration depth can be adjusted. This is especially important due to variations in skin depth. For instance, the forehead has much thinner skin than the cheeks.
  • SkinPen is uniquely effective on the delicate areas around the eyes and around the mouth.
  • Each treatment at our practice uses a sterile, new, single-use SkinPen cartridge to eliminate the risk of infection.
  • SkinPen has Bio-Sheath feature to protect against any cross contamination.

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How does PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) work?

PRPPRP The second procedure is called PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). Platelet Rich Plasma is produced from an individual’s own blood. After a blood sample is obtained from a patient, the blood is put into a centrifuge, which is a tool that separates the PRP from the blood. The blood is spun for approximately 15 minutes.

PRP contains highly concentrated amounts of natural growth factors and other cytokines that promote the regeneration process of soft tissues. The PRP is applied directly to the channels that were created from the microneedling to further stimulate the natural healing process and the creation of collagen. Utilization of PRP during microneedling increases tissue response 5 times more versus microneedling alone.

How does PRP improve SkinPen microneedling?

At Georgia Dermatology Partners, PC, we often combine SkinPen microneedling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The application of PRP immediately following microneedling allows far more effective penetration of the PRP to the deeper layers of the skin. This allows your body to benefit from the extensive growth factors present in PRP. This combination of microneedling and PRP increases tissue response five times more than that which occurs after microneedling alone.

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SkinPen FAQs

What Is Recovery Like After Microneedling With PRP?

After the treatment, your skin will be slightly pink and feel slightly sunburned. For most people, your skin will completely recover in 24-72 hours. Your body’s collagen production usually takes about 4-8 weeks, so you will continue to see improvements over this time.

What are the risks involved with microneedling?

This is a very low-risk, safe procedure.. Most patients simply have red skin for the remainder of their treatment day. This will likely fade to pink the second day and the skin may feel a little tight, but normal activities and skin care can resume. Complications, including bleeding, bruising, and infection, are rare.

Who is an ideal candidate for SkinPen microneedling?

SkinPen microneedling with PRP is excellent for patients of all skin types who want to rejuvenate their skin. It dramatically improves acne scarring, sun damaged skin, uneven skin texture, and fine lines and wrinkles.

Who should not have SkinPen microneedling?

Really the only people who are not good candidates for SkinPen treatments are those with active skin cancer in the treatment areas; open wounds, sores, or irritated skin in the treatment areas; a bleeding disorder or bleeding dysfunction; are pregnant or nursing; or are currently taking drugs with isotretinoin, such as Accutane.

Are SkinPen treatments painful?

Prior to your SkinPen session we apply topical numbing anesthetic to your skin, which keeps you comfortable. Most patients tolerate SkinPen with minimal discomfort.

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